In the interest of keepin' it real, Boy Wonder has collected a list of web links to various Boston rock resources. Take a few minutes to poke around these sites and learn about the depth and breadth of the Boston rock scene:

Betty Goo Calendar Girl
Den Mothers Jumprope
Permafrost The Pills
Quick Fix Star Ghost Dog
Trona Tugboat Annie

What's your favorite Boy Wonder song?

Walking Disaster
Over Your Head
Make Me
Break the Spell
Look at the Sun
Ordinary Mind
Life Isn't Fair

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Have you been stumped by one of the trivia questions on the front page? Don't torture yourself -- the answers are all right here:

Q: Who is the only member of Boy Wonder that does not dye his or her hair?
A: As many people guessed, it's Josh! For the record, he doesn't cut it or wash it, either.

Q: What influential rock star did Paula and Josh spot, stalk, and finally meet when they were playing the 1998 NXNE music festival in Toronto?
A: Joni Mitchell. She was kind enough to feign interest in Boston's cutest pop combo.

Q: Which member of Boy Wonder got their start in show biz by starring in TV commercials as a tyke?
A: Paula. Several fans thought they remembered Bruce from a Honeycomb commercial in the '80s, but he was stationed in Viet Nam at the time.

Q: Only one member of Boy Wonder is incapable of playing drums. Who is it?
A: Bruce is the drummer ... Paula plays drums in side-projects ... Josh studied drumming in college .... so that leaves Aaron as the non-percussive Wonder!

Q: Boy Wonder's new EP is titled 'Break The Spell, Etc." as a tribute to a famous rock lyric. Can you name it?
A: "You're my pride and joy, etc." from Elenore by the Turtles, covered by Boy Wonder on the EP in question!


Looking for a good time on the web? These sites have been personally approved by the personnel of Boy Wonder:

Boston Phoenix
If you're looking for information about nightlife in Boston, this is the place to go. Once there, click "Clubs Tonight" to find out where the action is.

Jive Talkin'
Paula found this site that automatically switches all the text on any other site to jive talk. They also do redneck, Elmer Fudd, and some other stuff, but she thinks jive is the funniest. The site has some info on what to do if you want to link your site to it.

The Onion
It's a widely held belief in cyberspace that The Onion is the funniest site ever created. It's a fake newspaper that must be seen to be believed. These guys take social satire and pop-culture parody to new levels of greatness. Be careful! You might pee your pants.

Paula's favorite site is this online catalogue of hilarious candy and toys. She found it one day while she was bored at work and just typed in stupid.com to see what happened. She was thrilled...and you will be too.

Rock School
This goofy comic strip appears in The Noise and is archived here in cyberspace. The site also contains a funny "try to book a gig" game.

The Simpsons
This is the most comprehensive Simpsons website in existence. There's even a Simpsons drinking game. Not that the bands drinks...very often...on Mondays.


Here's some evidence that Miss Paula Kelley has WAY too much time on her hands at work! This talented songstress spent an afternoon rearranging the letters in various phrases to create new phrases. All of them are odd -- some of them are hysterical. Check the bottom of this section for more information!


Boy Wonder
No brow dye

Joshua Peter Arakelian
Alienate sharp joker

Paula Anne Kelley
Keen anal pulley

Bruce Allen Caporal
Cancel label uproar

Aaron Paul Tap
Papal aura? Not.


Betty Goo
Get booty

Amp errs oft

Helicopter Helicopter
Heretic Collie Prophet

The Mosters of Id
The Fist Room Ends

The Den Mothers
The Shorted Men

Paul Vincent Natale
Valiant unclean pet

New Prime Numbers
Immense wren burp

The Pills
Hell pits

Star Ghost Dog
That gross god

Tugboat Annie
Eating oat bun

The Sterlings
Lightens rest

The Elevator Drops
Overhead Plotters

The Red Telephone
Deplore hen teeth

No art

The American Measles
Mr. Asian Cheese Metal

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