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Well folks, the rumor that Boy Wonder's recent show at TT's on October 31 was their last can be declared officially FALSE. In fact, they are playing a show at T.T.'s on January 15, 2000. Will this show indeed be their last? We're not saying... In other news, Paula has recorded a Christmas single -- an original called "Why Christmas? (The Longest Day of the Year)", backed with a new arrangement of the classic "Blue Christmas." You can sneak a listen to the former at or at We have also just learned that Boy Wonder's own Josh Arakelian has joined the fabulous space-lounge band Astroslut to give them some HOT BASS ACTION. In the meantime, keep watching for Paula and Aaron's acoustic shows as well as for the Boy Joys, and Bruce's shows sitting in with Calendar Girl -- details in the upcoming shows section. Also check out Paula's fledgling web page for other Christmas single news and stuff.

After a brief summer break, Boy Wonder is back! They'll be playing a show at the Paradise September 25 with singing sensations
Ball in the House. It's BW's first show at this legendary venue, so please attend in abundance unless you're Drew Bledsoe. Break the Spell, Etc. fave "X-Large" will appear on a benefit compilation being put out by the Sheila Divine folks later in the month, details will filter in as soon as we get 'em. Also check out this month's Noise for TWO great reviews, one live and one for the EP. And while you're at it, take a peek at the Boy Joys live review and have a larf. Speaking of peeking, there are some fab shots of the band from Calendar Girl's record release party. Lastly, visit Pennyblack Music to read an interview and a detailed history of Paula Kelley and Boy Wonder.

MAY 1999
Early this month Boy Wonder headed back to New York City for a Saturday night show at
Luna Lounge. The show was on May 8, and it was a big hit with the local crowd. The band will be heading back to the same swanky club on July 17. This coming weekend Boy Wonder will be helping Calendar Girl celebrate their CD release at the Linwood. It's Saturday May 15, along with Star Ghost Dog and AM Stereo. If you can't make these shows due to your whereabouts, turn on your radio. The new EP, Break the Spell, Etc., has been getting a lot of spins at college and commercial radio across the country. Click here to see a partial listing of the stations. The EP has also been reviewed in many rock publications, so keep an eye out for some press. Finally, if you're curious about what happened on Boy Wonder's tour to North Carolina and back, go check out the expurgated story.

APRIL 1999
Indie rock meets indie film at the
Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA! Boy Wonder classic "Walking Disaster" will be heard in Kaylyn Thornal's short film "A Lot of Green" which will be screened at the Brattle at 10PM on Friday, April 16th as part of the Festival of Women's Cinema. Pretty cool, eh? Hip director Kaylyn will be at the screening to introduce the film and bask in the glory. Don't miss it!

MARCH 1999
March has seen Boy Wonder mostly getting ready for their East Coast tour, which starts April 7th at
the Bitter End in New York City and continues down to North Carolina. Meanwhile, things have been busying up at home in Boston. The band has gotten a last-minute show at TT the Bear's on April 4th, Easter Sunday, with Imperial Teen. You must come out to that one and wish the band farewell for a while. But don't worry, because they'll be back in time to play at the Den Mothers's CD Release party on May 1st, also at TT's. While they are away, you can go write Boy Wonder in your favorite category in the Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll.

Well, the record release party on February 20th went off even better than we had expected. TT the Bear's was full and happy for a bunch of great sets, culminating with Boy Wonder's official CD release show. "Break The Spell, Etc." CDs and the new T-shirts sold like
eggs, and everybody had a great time. Thanks go out to all of you who were able to be there. For those of you who missed it, check back here over the next few days for a full report. Also, if you're looking for the EP, you can go to Newbury Comics, HMV, or get it directly through this site. Boy Wonder won't be playing out for a couple weeks, as they need to recover from the show and spend time working on some new material. Keep yourselves busy by reading an interview with Paula about the new EP in the Boston Phoenix.

They've done it! Boy Wonder's soon to be released 5 song EP, titled Break the Spell, Etc., is all mastered and ready to go! But you can't have it until the
party on February 20th, so hold your horses. Rumour has it that included on the release will be Boy Wonder's first ever recorded cover song. If you're a reptile lover, you should be able to figure out what it could be. For a pre-party rev-up, be sure to check out the Wonder band at the Middle East Upstairs on January 28th. It's a strong and somewhat incestuous bill, including former BW bass player Paul Natale's band the Den Mothers, as well as the fabulous Francine and the stellar Sterlings.

Zippah has done Boy Wonder proud. The band completed recording two songs, "Over Your Head" (formerly 'Rise') and "X-Large" this month at the small but powerfully built studio in Brookline, MA. Brian Charles masterfully engineered the tracks and the band is very pleased with the results. The fruits of the aforementioned session will be combined with a few previously recorded tracks to form the band's second official release, an EP due out in February of 1999. The record release party is already slated!

Paula and Aaron did a phone interview on Salem State radio WMWM on Thursday December 3 at the unrockly hour of 8:30 am. Real Audio of that chat is has been posted to the multimedia page.




  1. Who is Boy Wonder?

    To answer that question, we will present an online exclusive: the results to the long-rumored, never-seen Boy Wonder Q&A session. The details are foggy, but from what we understand, one of the major teen publications asked each member of Boy Wonder to complete a questionnaire so fans could have more insight into the lives of their favorite pop sensation. Sadly, the feature was never published because of an editorial conflict involving Hanson's first trip to Disneyworld. This should tell you everything you need to know (and maybe more than that).
    Full name: BRUCE A. CAPORAL 
    Nickname: BRUCE - Boo Boo, Capsee, Lee McQueen,
    JOSH - Jooch
    AARON - Pantywaist
    PAULA - "Hey, baby." Also "hey, you."
    Sign: BRUCE - Capricorn
    JOSH - Leo
    AARON - Leo
    PAULA - Virgo, Ace of Base
    Instrument: BRUCE - drums
    JOSH - bass, piano, vocals
    AARON - guitar, vocals
    PAULA - guitar, vocals
    Why did you choose that instrument? BRUCE - It's the coolest.
    JOSH - I wanted to be like George Harrison.
    AARON - I don't have to hold it with my chin.
    PAULA - Because I'd had it with classical piano and harpsichord (gnarled old-school teachers) so I rebelled by teaching myself guitar (though no one told me that playing Crosby Stills and Nash covers was not veritable rebellion).
    Previous bands/
    Other projects:
    BRUCE - Brahmin Caste, Blister, Trauma Hawk, McDonna
    JOSH - Chocolate Handshake, Electric Muffin Mix
    AARON - Betty Goo, Boy Joys, Dante's Grin
    PAULA - Drop Nineteens, Hot Rod, the Boy Joys, the Pageboys
    Fave band as a kid: BRUCE - Aerosmith, th e Police, Led Zeppelin
    JOSH - the Beatles
    PAULA - the Bee Gees
    Musical influences: BRUCE - Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Elvis Costello, tofu, kale, BLT sandwiches and bathing with young women (well, those last few are just influences)
    JOSH - Brian Wilson
    AARON - You
    PAULA - Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, The Brill Building songwriters, the Left Banke, David Bowie, the Zombies, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell
    National act that you'd love to share a bill with: BRUCE - Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, You Am I, Sloan (Did That)
    JOSH - Ben Folds Five, Don Giardino
    AARON - The Happy Doo Doo Band
    PAULA - You Am I, Stryper
    Song you'd love Boy Wonder to cover but the other guys/the girl won't let you: BRUCE - "Crazy On You" by Heart, "Like A Virgin" by Madonna
    JOSH - "(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car"
    AARON - "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho"
    PAULA - anything by the Beach Boys (only Josh stands by me in my adoration for them)
    Favorite Movie: BRUCE - "Grease 2"
    JOSH - "Rear Window"
    AARON - "Bananas"
    PAULA - "Planet of the Apes", "The Last Picture Show" (the Cybil Shepard theme is purely coincidental)
    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: BRUCE - the remake of "The Way We Were" starring David Hasselhoff and Charo
    JOSH - "Vice Squad"
    AARON - "He Said, She Said" (I have no excuse for having seen that.)
    PAULA - "Batman and Robin"
    Best method of execution for Michael Bolton: BRUCE - he's not dead yet?
    JOSH - beat him with Kenny G's saxophone
    AARON - make Bruce eat 'im.
    PAULA - reverse Rogaine
    Which member of the Brady Bunch did you most closely resemble? BRUCE - Cindy, because I always got what I wanted
    JOSH - probably Mr. Ditmeyer, but I relate more to the new Jan Brady
    AARON - Alice.
    PAULA - half Jan, half Cindy -- I was insignificant despite the fact that I was the baby of the family
    How long has it been since Saturday Night Live made you laugh? BRUCE - 10 years
    JOSH - who knows?
    AARON - What's that, exactly?
    PAULA - Since Jim Carrey left. Michael Landon is still pretty funny, though.
    How do you cover when you break a string (or a drum head) on stage? BRUCE - look as cute as possible and then poop my pants
    JOSH - create a diversion by setting Paul on fire
    AARON - play really, really fast.
    PAULA - play really, really shoddily.
    Best thing about being in Boy Wonder: BRUCE - looking at Paula's ass all night
    JOSH - free tacos!
    AARON - looking at Bruce's ass all night
    PAULA - being in a band has always been the best way to score with teenage chicks

  2. How long has Boy Wonder been playing together?

    Paula and Bruce have been playing together since early 1996. They've endured numerous personnel changes since then, but they love Josh and Aaron more than they could ever love all the others combined.


  3. What recordings are available?

    The CD of Wonder-Wear is available at a record store near you, or you can buy it online by following the links on the merchandise page. Indie fans will be pleased to know that Paula's voice can also be heard on a couple of vinyl seven-inches! Boy Wonder's "Mission to Destroy" b/w "Backyard" and the Paula Kelley Rock Band's "501" are available in limited quantities for $5.00 each. E-mail the webmaster for details.


  4. Can I get Boy Wonder merchandise?

    T-shirts cost $10.00 each. Winky guy plus Boy Wonder on front, "I'll take you on the side anytime" on the back. Available in red, blue, black and white. E-mail the webmaster for details.


  5. How can I send e-mail to the band?

    Boy Wonder does not run this site, but the webmaster can forward any correspondence to them for you. Use the e-mail link on the home page, or click right here.


  6. I'd like to hear Boy Wonder on the radio. Which station should I call?

    In the Boston area, try WFNX (781) 595-1017 and WBCN (617) 536-8000. KROQ (800) 520-1067 in Southern California is a cool station that's willing to play music from breaking artists. Also, most CMJ reporting college stations will have the CD and love to play requests!


  7. I would like to book Boy Wonder for a show. How can I contact them?

    For booking information, send e-mail to this address.


  8. The band has been playing some songs that aren't on the debut CD. What are the titles?

    There are several other songs in active rotation in Boy Wonder's live sets, including "Slug," To Somerville with Love," "The End of My Line," "Ordinary Mind," "The Answer," "Break the Spell," "Over Your Head," and "X-Large." Paula usually introduces the titles before the song starts, so listen carefully! Some of these songs are bound to show up on the new CD, so quit yer cryin'!


  9. Does Boy Wonder ever perform cover versions of their favorite tunes?

    They have played "Bittersweet," an old Hoodoo Gurus composition, and "What Is and What Should Never Be," a Led Zeppelin classic, not to mention Barry Manilow's irrepressible "Can't Smile Without You." They've currently been favoring the Turtles classic, "Elenore."


  10. Batman is the Caped Crusader and Robin is the Boy Wonder. Does DC Comics care that they use that name?

    No. But when Boy Wonder gets rich, then Bruce Wayne's legal staff will likely hold some emergency meetings.


  11. I swear I've heard Paula's voice before. Did she used to sing for another band?

    Yes. Paula was the leader of Hot Rod, who released a CD on Caroline Records a few years back. Her role in Drop Nineteens was less prominent, but she also contributed vocals for that combo. You can still find music by both groups at various online CD stores and in Paula's attic.


  12. Isn't that Aaron Tap of Betty Goo on guitar?

    Yes. Aaron likes to spend as much time as possible "on guitar," so he plays in more bands than Phil Collins at Live Aid.


  13. Is Bruce single?

    Paula says: "No, he's double. When I'm drunk, he's quadruple."


  14. I want to dress like Paula. Where does she get her hip and sassy wardrobe?
  15. Paula claims that she steals items from old ladies' closets every Wednesday night, when local bingo parlors are packed.


  16. Is it true that Josh appeared in a special two-part episode of Silver Spoons in the mid-80s?

    Yes. He played Ricky Schroeder's left sock.


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