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Boy Wonder will be going into the studio to complete recording for their forthcoming EP -- title, track listing and all other information TBA. But we've heard it rumored that "Break the Spell," "X-Large," and "Rise" may figure prominently in the endeavor. The Wonder will be working with Brian Charles at Zippah. Boy Wonder played a very satisfying show at TT's earlier this month, and although they earned some $$cash$$, they were sure
in the red that night! Take a look!

Boy Wonder is the headlining act for a multi-artist, multi-media show at the Linwood Grill this month which could be the only CD release party this year that serves as a CD-ROM release party! A local intellectual provocateur by name of Russ has written a novel called "(t)h(i/e)m" which is being published as a CD-ROM including a dozen audio tracks, including Boy Wonder's "Look at the Sun." In other news, Paula Kelley made her second solo debut on a compilation CD comprised of 'leftover' tracks from bands who have recorded at said beloved studio. Pete Weiss was responsible for amassing the material and Reverse Curve released the CD entitled "A Place to Call Home." All proceeds from sales will go to the charity
M.A.R.E. Oh, Paula's track is titled "Left and Right."

Twisted Rico's TRHS Class of 98 collection was released this month, giving Wonderfans everywhere the chance to hear "Break the Spell" on the hi-fi stereo in their living room. Be sure to check out the CD artwork for candid pics of your favorite Boston musicians.

Paula recently learned that one of her solo recordings, "Left and Right," will be released on a Reverse Curve compilation in October. In addition, "Break The Spell" will soon be available on Twisted Rico's TRHS Class of '98 collection. (If you can't wait that long, you can listen to the full version of "Spell" by clicking
here.) Aaron Tap has assumed guitar duties for the group, and the new sound is thrilling! Keep an eye on the gigs page for your chance to see them in action....

JULY 1998
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the members of Boy Wonder. Bass player Paul Natale has left the ranks of BW to pursue a career in drug-running. You should also be able to see him around town playing with the Den Mothers. The word on the street has Josh switching to bass and Aaron Tap (guitarist/vocalist for Betty Goo) adding his considerable talents to the mix. The band is laying low for a few weeks, and Paula is taking the time to work on TWO different side projects. She is not only drumming for a girl group known as the Page Boys (?) but also playing bass and singing in a Bee Gees cover band with members of Betty Goo, Permafrost, and Jumprope. This unlikely combo has been dubbed the Boy Joys. For all those keeping track, this means that all three of Paula's bands contain the word "boy" somewhere in the title. There's a lesson in that, I'm sure, but I can't imagine what it might be.

JUNE 1998
On the road again.... Boy Wonder has been playing out of town an awful lot lately! This month they hit the Big Apple for two shows, and then it was off to Toronto for the North By Northeast Music Festival. Paula broke a string during their performance and didn't have a backup guitar, which would have spelled disaster for a less savvy pop combo. Instead, Paul Natale played his "turkey gravy stuffing" song while she changed the string. Quick thinking, Paul! The Canadian crowd response was overwhelmingly positive -- does this mean that Boy Wonder is an international pop sensation? And to top it all off, the band had another brush with greatness when Josh and Paula met Joni Mitchell!

MAY 1998
Surf's up! Boy Wonder learned a handful of Beach Boys classics in preparation for a gig as BEACH BOY WONDER to honor the songwriting genius of Brian Wilson. This exciting performance took place at the Middle East on Thursday, May 14. The setstarted with Paula beating a bongo and Josh singing lead on "Caroline, No" and moved into classics like "Break Away," "Help Me Rhonda," "Good Vibrations" and "Dance Dance Dance." The latter song has been inching its way into the regular setlist lately -- listen for it!

APRIL 1998
Miss Paula Kelley reports that the group has just recorded a new track called "Break the Spell" which will be on a Boston pop compilation due out in the summer of '98. This will be the first Boy Wonder tune with the inestimable contributions of Josh Arakelian, and Paula thinks the song has "hit" written all over it!

MARCH 1998
The big news for March was when band traveled to Austin, TX for the what the New York Times calls "the domestic pop and rock industry's most important annual gathering." The
South By Southwest Music Festival was held from March 18-22 and Boy Wonder played a great show! During their free time, the band rubbed shoulders with some other members of Boston's rock elite like Jack Drag, Trona and Permafrost. In other news, Paul saw the lovely and talented Janeane Garofalo and she asked him where she could get a good breakfast -- sounds like J.G. was trying to make time with our Paul! Boy Wonder fell in love with the Lone Star State on their visit, but thankfully they returned to Boston and avoided a revolt of their hardcore fans!

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